Our Story

At the end of 2021, comun.al was born as a laboratory of digital resilience to share tools, resources and spaces with the objective of facilitating access to technologies as tools for social organization, the defense of human rights and access to justice. We seek to nurture possibilities that sustain the different manifestations of creativity that arise to continue building resistance to the wide range of abuses of power in Latin America.

At comun.al we fully understand that the complexity of our struggles and resistance is also accompanied by long learning processes. Given this, we intend for our contents, events and tools to promote the development of safe spaces for all people who participate, share and make use of what we build. We want to be congruent with the struggles for dignity, memory and justice in all its diversity and we make public our commitment to address any concern, conflict or need for redress that arises within the spaces permanently open to diversity, dissent and learning that we seek to build. In comun.al there is no room for abuse, hatred, LGBTQI+phobia, discrimination, misogyny, racism, mistreatment, capacitism, stigmatization, or impunity.

We consolidate our work in three main lines:

  • The recovery and preservation of memory:
        As a bid to procure collective commons, free/open knowledge and share the “routes” of different social movements that go through the use of technologies as tools for access to justice.
  • Transformative justice:
        As a permanent bet to address proposals from a psychosocial approach that allows us to understand/situate/resignify the violence exercised through technologies and transform them into tools for access to justice.
  • Digital resilience:
        As a bet for decentralized and replicable learning, sharing critical skills that allow us to protect our rights and integrity in the face of conditions that restrict our possibilities to submit to abusive practices linked to the use of technologies and in digital environments.

In addition to the events, materials and resources generated from the lab, comun.al also seeks to consolidate a free and open access toolbox. All the tools we share are designed to ensure privacy and promote the decentralization of internet-based services. We share these tools with the intention of building possibilities that allow Internet users to access tools to create, learn and share without compromising their privacy or having their rights conditioned to the interests of abusive companies or authoritarian governments.