Our Lines of Work

We envision our projects in realtion with our three lines of work, around which we aim to advance in the promotion of diversity, inclusion, human rights defense and community organizing towards a horizon of possibility, hope, and healing of the enviroments in which abuses of power and violence (which are also excerted through technologies) are currently sustained.

Our lines of work are:

  • The recovery and preservation of memory:
    As a bid to nurture collective commons, free/open knowledge and share the “routes” of different social movements that have gone through the use of technologies as tools for access to justice.

We recognize the lack of spaces and resources that allow us to learn about the struggles, challenges and lessons learned from those who preceded us in the social movements that we now support, which is why we seek to build bridges between the knowledge of those who have sustained these struggles to recognize ourselves in their journeys and to transmit our own learning to the generations of defenders to come.

  • Transformative justice:
        As a permanent bet to develop our proposals with a psychosocial approach that allows us to understand/situate/resignify the ways in which violences is exercised through technologies and transform those technologies into tools for access to justice.

We bring the lessons learned to the present time to recognize the opportunities that allow us to maintain joyful, sustainable and transforming resistances that recognize the psychosocial impacts of those who participate in social struggles and allow us to draw political proposals for advocacy, action and construction of other possible futures for dignity and diversity.

  • Digital resilience:
        As a bet for decentralized and replicable learning, sharing critical skills that allow us to protect our rights and integrity in the face of conditions that restrict our possibilities through the abuse of power.

We seek to strengthen the people who make up social movements and resistances in their broadest diversity. We want to build autonomy through awareness of the implications and possibilities that come with the use of technologies, breaking naivety and nurturing our abilities to imagine and create technologies that respond to our rights and autonomy.